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Beeman Teton 10512GP Air Rifle - 5.5mm

Beeman Teton 10512GP Air Rifle – 5.5mm

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Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle – 5.5mm, Synthetic Stock

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Beeman QB Chief PCP

Beeman Wolverine 1070GP Air Rifle – 4.5mm

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  • Riflescope NOT Included Unless Otherwise Stated
  • Shorter lock time
  • All weather Stock
  • Adjustable trigger
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Beeman Wolverine 1070GP Air Rifle – 4.5mm

The Beeman Wolverine 1070GP Air Rifle – 4.5 mm is amongst the finest air guns available anywhere. The Beeman has been supplying fine pellet guns to air gun enthusiasts for over 50 years. The gas ram system is advanced technology that uses compressed gas, in a sealed self-contained unit that replaces the mainspring in a conventional air rifle. The air rifles cock like any other barrel cocking air gun, but the single cocking stroke compresses a cylinder of gas instead of a mainspring. When the trigger is pulled the compressed gas expands and drives the piston forward.

The Wolverine features a tireless gas ram power plant and a real advantages to hunters as unlike a steel mainspring a gas ram can never take a set, or tire with age. Shorter lock time also aids in the field accuracy, as there is less time for the shooter to pull off target. The air rifles reliable performance in any weather, smoother cocking effort, and more consistent power and velocities is truly a delightful air gun


Please Note: Rifle Scope NOT Included.



  • Shorter lock time
  • All weather Stock
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Break-barrel
  • Nitro Piston
  • Lead Pellet
  • Fibre Optic Sights



Model 1070GP
Action Break-Barrel, Nitro Piston
Ammo Pellets
Length 45.5”
Velocity 1000 fps
Calibre 4.5 mm
Accuracy c-t-c .20″ at 10 Meters


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