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Borner C11 Air Pistol

Borner C11 Air Pistol

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Borner 306 Air Pistol

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Borner 306 Air Pistol

Borner W119 Blowback Air Pistol

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  • Caliber/Ammo: cal. 4,5 mm (.177) steel BB
  • Semi-automatic Metal Blowback
  • System: CO2-Pistol
  • Magazine capacity: 15 BBs
  • Weight: 750 g
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Borner W119 Blowback Air Pistol

The Borner W119 CO2 Pistol Blow Back is a air gun pistol and works with bottles of 12 g Co2 and metallic BB balls. When it comes to safety the safety is just above the trigger and easily switched to fire mode. Dropping the magazine from the chamber inside the grip by using the small lever positioned on the trigger

With a Blow back system the Borner Blow Back Air Pistol has the real look and function, guaranteeing fun for the shooter. The Borner special force W119 is a blow back Co2 pistol capable of firing 4.5mm steel BBs from its robust magazine. The Borner Blow Back Air Pistol features a full metal slide for the best possible realism. The grip is made from a comfortable ergonomic polymer and fits the hand nicely.

FEATURES of the Borner W119 CO2 Pistol:

  • Co2 and metallic BB balls
  • Lightweight design
  • Real look and function
  • Easy to use
  • Blow back Co2 pistol
  • Full metal slide
  • Comfortable ergonomic polymer grip

SPECIFICATIONS of the Borner CO2 Pistol:

Case material metal alloys
System Co2-Pistol
Projectiles Steel BBs
Magazine capacity 15 BBs
Energy < 3,0 Joule
Velocity 125 m/s
Weight 650g

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