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Swiss Arms P92 Co2 Blow Back Pistol - Black

Swiss Arms P92 Co2 Blowback Pistol – Black

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Swiss Arms P1911 Match 4.5mm

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Swiss Arms P1911 Match 4.5mm

Swiss Arms 941 CO2 Pistol

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Swiss Arms


Swiss Arms 941 CO2 Pistol

The Swiss Arms 941 4.5mm Pellet Pistol from Palco is based on the Israeli Military Industry’s 941F .41 model, this Air Pistol offers semi-automatic metal-slide action and fits .177 cal. BBs in the magazine. The BAX accuracy system guides your BBs true.

Features of the SA 941 CO2 Pistol:

– Textured Hand Grip.
– Shoots Metal .177 cal BBs
– Semi-Automatic.
– Propulsion: CO2.
– Weight: 2 lbs.
– Length: 8?.
– Velocity: 443 fps
– Mag Capacity: 22 rounds

PRECAUTION: While we are able to offer you blank guns and rounds with no license required, please keep in mind that if a gun looks real, it can be treated as real in an incident. Handle with care as you would a real gun. Avoid firing this gun amongst people and keep away from the face as this blank gun can still be dangerous.


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Swiss Arms

Swiss Arms, a respected brand, manufactures high-quality firearms and accessories. They specialize in producing precise, reliable, and durable firearms, including rifles and handguns, as well as a range of accessories. Sports shooters, hunters, and law enforcement professionals rely on Swiss Arms firearms for their exceptional performance and longevity. The company offers various rifle models, such as bolt-action, semi-automatic, and tactical rifles, meticulously crafted to deliver optimal functionality and accuracy. In addition to firearms, Swiss Arms provides a wide selection of accessories, including optics, scopes, magazines, and grips. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and customization options for their firearms. The maintain stringent quality control standards and complies with all relevant regulations and safety measures. They prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring their products meet the highest craftsmanship and performance standards. With a rich heritage in Swiss engineering and precision manufacturing, they continue to meet the demands of firearm enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Their commitment to quality and innovation has established them as a trusted brand in the industry.
Swiss Arms

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