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4 X 20 Rifle Scope

4 X 20 RifleScope

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Rifle Scope 4×32

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Rifle Scope 4×32

Rifle Scope 4×32 has 4x magnification( objects appear 4 times larger) and a 32mm objective lens. The frame is aluminium alloy and it has fully coated optics. The scope is both fog and waterproof. In addition the scope also comes with elasticated see-through lens caps and a fine cloth. Furthermore the scope is equipped with windage and elevation adjustments. It has a high quality matte black finish. Lastly the scope is 190mm in length and has a weight of 232g. The scope mounts are included with the purchase of your scope.

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The perfect entry- level rifle scope on the market. Also it is important to have the basic knowledge of scopes when choosing the scope you would like to buy. Make sure that the lenses are always clean to ensure accuracy when using the scope. Dust accumulated on the scope may hinder your vision slightly thereby causing you to miss your target entirely. Also ensure that the scope is correctly mounted onto the rifle as to prevent the scope from falling off and getting damaged. Should this happen, you would need to buy a new one entirely, which surely no one would like to do. This scope is multifunctional as it can be used for either hunting or target practice. Most importantly KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Any child who wishes to use the product, should at all times have adult supervision.


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