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Kratos Pepper Spray – 60ml

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Kratos Steel BB’s Silver 1500 4.5mm

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Kratos Steel BB’s Silver 1500 4.5mm

Kratos Pepper Spray – 100ml

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Kratos Pepper Spray – 100ml stops attacks before they start.

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Kratos Pepper Spray – 100ml

Kratos Pepper Spray – 100ml stops attacks before they start.
Compact and economical, this model gives you protection against multiple threats and at a safe distance.

Specifications of the Pepper Spray – 100ml:

– 100 ml
– Direct Stream
– Easily accessible
– Lightweight
– Safety Cap to prevent accidental discharge
– 3m Spray Distance
– OC : 12%
– Propylene GLYCOL USP: 13%
– Specialty Denatured Alcohol (SDA) 40B: 28%
– Distilled H20: 58%
– Hydrocarbon: 0%
– Heat Strength: 1,5 Million Units
– Natural & Non-Toxic
– Causes: Irritation to eyes and nose and difficulty breathing


If sprayed on the face, rinse with plenty of water. Also, this product contains flammable chemicals so do not spray near an open flame. Keep out of reach of children!!! This product contains a 12% Oleoresin Capsicum active ingredient. The product also contains hazardous material. Do not puncture or burn when empty as there could still be residue of the hazardous material inside the empty container. Store below 40 degrees and avoid extreme cold. Also do not spray near any incandescent material. Keep out of direct sunlight. If there is no change to the burning sensation after 45 minutes of washing your eyes due to accidental discharge, seek immediate medical attention.

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