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Borner Hollow Point 4.5mm (500pcs)

Borner Hollow Point 4.5mm (500pcs)

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Borner Jumbo Pellets / 500 – 4.5mm

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Borner Jumbo Pellets / 500 - 4.5mm

Borner Jumbo Pellets / 250 – 4.5mm

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Borner Jumbo Pellets / 250 – 4.5mm

The Borner Jumbo Pellets / 250 – 4.5mm air gun pellet is a moderate Diabolo for medium distances. The aerodynamic design and a flat trajectory ensure good precision and a high penetrating power.
Borner Jumbo 0.65 g is a heavy Pellet for medium distances. An excellent Pellet with a high edge thanks to the edge. The surface is smooth with an edge.

Technical data and dimensions:
Brand: Borner
Model: Jumbo
Shape: Pointed head, smooth
Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177)
Mass: 0.65 g (10.00 gr)
Content: 250 pieces


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Borner excels in crafting exceptional pellets and airguns. Their meticulously crafted pellets ensure optimal flight stability through consistent weight and shape. With a variety of calibers and designs available, shooters can choose ammunition that meets their specific requirements. Borner's airguns are renowned for their innovative blend of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. From spring-piston air rifles to pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) models, their diverse range delivers exceptional power, accuracy, and reliability. Comfort and ease of use define Borner's airguns, thanks to their ergonomic designs. These rifles feature high-quality barrels and advanced firing mechanisms, ensuring consistent and precise shots. Borner's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction sets them apart. Whether you're a competitive shooter, hunting enthusiast, or simply enjoy target shooting, Borner's pellets and airguns offer the performance and reliability you seek.

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